It never fails with marketing

As part of my role as Marketing Strategist, I get to spend time presenting to various groups on marketing and technology. I love the opportunity to connect with marketers and talk about what challenges they are facing, and what solutions exist to their problems. Last week, I was in Minneapolis for a presentation and a client event, along with a couple other meetings.

Looking back, there is a trend that still persists no matter what type of group I talk to. Marketers are spending lots of money on campaigns and creative, often with little insight into how they effect the overall business objectives. On top of this, they have limited planning tools and processes to make their lives easier, so they end up spending a bulk of their time on project management instead of building campaigns and creative. In addition, many of these projects are rushed or built at the last moment, often ad hoc and without much strategic oversight. This isn’t necessarily the fault of marketing, rather the nature of the game anymore. More projects to complete, less time and resources to complete them with, and tools that can’t keep up. There are a lot of great marketing automation solutions out there, but an often overlooked solution for marketing departments is Marketing Resource Management. That’s the tool that manages all your marketing plans, creative briefs, budgets, tasks, projects, and holds all the pieces together. Excel makes great spreadsheets, but it is not a marketing planning system. Just because you can track things in it, that doesn’t mean you should. It’s available, flexible and generally easy to use, so marketers flock to it, but there are better solutions.marketing_resource_management

I was fortunate enough to get to show off a sneak peek of a marketing solution that will make marketing easier in the face of this new world. And it will allow marketers to get back to being marketers, not glorified project managers. Officially being released near the end of this month, RBA has been involved in the early planning and feedback of this exciting new solution, and it’s about to be released to the world.

So marketers, fear not, help is coming and you will like it. If you want the VIP treatment and your own sneak peek, feel free to email me and we can show you how to streamline your marketing operations and make life a little easier.

Marketers, I challenge you to look at your tools and be honest if you really think they are up to the demands of a modern day marketing department. If not, it’s time to set them free and find a new solution.


Zack Wenthe (@zwenthe) is a Marketing Strategist for RBA focused on helping marketing departments operate smarter and more efficiently.