Don’t miss D365UG (CRMUG) Summit 17 in Nashville

We are in the heart of conference season! With Envision coming to a close and Ignite in session, the folks in the Dynamics 365 community will soon have all eyes on the CRMUG Summit in Nashville.

Matt-Blog-1CRMUG Summit (a.k.a. D365UG/CRMUG Summit) has become the go-to conference for the Dynamics community. End-users, admins, developers, and others all come together and share their stories about what they’re doing, while also trading best practices and seeing how other organizations are using the Dynamics platform.

• Come with questions – this has the highest concentration of users, MVPs, Partners, and Microsoft Dynamics professionals of the year, don’t miss your chance to get questions answered.
• Plan which sessions you want to attend – so much good content and so little time! If you’re going with other people from your team try to figure out how to divide and conquer during the breakout sessions.
• Attend the first-timer reception – the UG leadership wants to help you get the most value possible out of the conference, and this session will help orient you for an amazing week (and also meet some other new attendees).

RBA will be represented in 5 different sessions at this year’s UG Summit spanning across multiple learning tracks and session types.

CRM Tools, Podcasts, and Tips

Three of the sessions focus on getting the most out of the Dynamics platform. Whether you’re new to Dynamics or a decade-long user, there’s always something to learn.

Matt-Blog-5Top CRM Tools for your Sales Team – Wednesday October 11, 10:15am (Room: Hermitage D)

This session offers perspective for using the Dynamics platform to drive buy-in and covers some of the easy-to-implement configuration that can drive that support.

Cheekwood Chats: The Tipsters Reach a 1000! – Wednesday October 11, 2:30pm (Room: Cheekwood E)

I’ll be part of a roundtable discussion along with others from the CRM Audio podcast network and CRM Tip of the Day blog contributors where we answer questions from the Dynamics community. You can also subscribe to the podcast at

– Friday October 13, 8:30am (Room: Hermitage D)

This session is back by popular demand! They stuck us in the first time slot on a Friday, but we still expect this to be a standing-room only affair.

Dynamics Reporting with the Data Jedi

Two of the sessions focus on reporting and analytics in Dynamics with content focused both inside of Dynamics and using other tools like Power BI and Excel.

Matt-Blog-3Top Tips for Better Excel Templates – Thursday October 12, 2:30pm (Room: Cheekwood GH)

A how-to session covering both the admin considerations for Excel Templates as well as the average-to-power user that wants to get the most out of Dynamics + Excel.

The Analytics Reporters – Thursday October 12, 3:45pm (Room: Cheekwood GH)

This ask-the-experts session features a panel of varying reporting backgrounds. Some from IT, some from the business and consulting. Definitely bring your questions to this one!

It’s worth noting that RBA will not be setting up a partner booth in the show floor. We’re focused on sending people to share (and learn) at this great event. That said, I’d love to chat with you whether that’s at one of the sessions above or some other time during the conference. Follow me (@mcanderson) and @RBAConsulting on Twitter to keep up with the CRMUG community before, during and after the summit.