Conditional Formatting for CRM Views in Outlook 2010

Perhaps you have used conditional formatting in Outlook to change the font size or color of your inbox list based on a condition you define.  If you are using Outlook 2010, you may also apply conditional formatting to personal CRM views.  Using conditional formatting for a CRM view in Outlook 2010 allows you to highlight important records regardless of the sort options applied to the view.

To illustrate this, l will create a personal view of open Opportunities where those with an estimated revenue of $100K or more display in a bold fuchsia font.

To create the personal view, navigate to the View tab of the Open Opportunities system view and click on Save As the ribbon:

New Personal View


A query properties box will open so that you may give the personal view a Name and Description.  After entering the desired name and description, click on OK.

Name the View


Your new personal view will open.   Click on View Settings in the ribbon and then on Conditional Formatting:

Select Conditional Formatting


Click on Add; a new rule for the view will be created:

Create Rule


Enter a Name for the rule:

Name the Rule


Select the Color and Font style then click OK:

Select Color and Font


Click on Condition:



Click on Advanced, expand the Field criteria and then point to User-defined fields in folder:

Advanced Criteria


Click on Est. Revenue (number):

Select Est Rev


Select the Condition, enter the Value and click on Add to List:

Condition and Value


Click OK to save the changes to the filter:

Save the Filter


Click OK to save the new rule:

Save the Rule


Click OK to close the advanced view settings dialog box:

OK On View Settings


Your view will update to reflect the conditional formatting rule:

Conditional Formatting


You may have noticed that on the list of user-defined fields the currency fields are listed multiple times; if you select one of these that is not appended with “(number),” it will act as a text field.

Conditional formatting of personal CRM views in Outlook 2010 is one option to personalize CRM to meet your needs.

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