Amplify Your Sales Metrics with Stacked Bar Charts

Many sales managers start and end their day with the sales pipeline funnel.  While the funnel is a valuable representation of revenue by sales stage, it is not the only metric needed to assess the health of a sales organization.  Metrics identifying performance bottlenecks in the pipeline are key components in improving sales figures.  One potential bottleneck is a sales person with the majority of their opportunities stuck in the same stage.  A stacked bar chart showing estimated revenue by owner and sales stage provides an easy to understand visual representation of this potential bottleneck.  This article describes the steps to create the stacked bar chart and to add it to a dashboard.

Step 1 Create the Chart:
Select Customize Entity from the Customize tab of the ribbon on the Opportunities page.

Customize Entity



Select Charts and click on New.

New Chart

Select Open Opportunities for the chart preview.
Enter Est. Revenue by Owner and Stage for the chart name.
Select Estimated Revenue and Sum for the Legend Entries (Series).
Select Owner for the Horizontal (Category) Axis Label.
Click on Add Category and select the field that represents your pipeline phase, in this example that field is Sales Stage.
Click on Column in the ribbon and select Stacked Column.
Click on Save in the ribbon; your chart should look similar to this:

Chart Preview

Click Save & Close, Opportunity, Publish.




Step 2 Add the Chart to a Dashboard:
Navigate to Settings>Customization>Customizations>Customize the System>Dashboards.
Select and open the desired dashboard, then click on the Chart icon in the ribbon.

Customize Dashboard


Select Opportunity for the Record Type, Open Opportunities for the View and the chart you just created.
Click OK.

Component Details


Move the chart to the desired location in the layout then use the width and height icons in the ribbon to size it.
Click Save and Close in the ribbon.

Save and Close


Select the dashboard from the list and Publish.


Step #3 Announce the Enhancement to the Dashboard:
The enhanced dashboard is available from the Workplace module.  I often refer to the announcment to your team as  the “know & go.” Users have to know the chart exists, what it represesnts and where to find it if it is to add value to your organization.
Now that you understand the basics creating  multi category charts aimed at inspiring action, be on the look out for other metrics that may be enhanced by multi category or multi series charts.  If a user frequently drills down on a chart to get to the data they need, adding a multi category or multi series chart may useful.